City of flower

I arrived to a city, a place that I have never heard of. Here isn't dear Iraq but somewhere far, that has no connection with me. I start observing as always I do. People and animals, rich and poor, things are alive and things aren't.  I start seeing rose roses. It was like a dream in which I got lost. I saw children fantasies' as colorful as roses in the streets of their neighborhood where each day they become heros and losers. I saw small roses in the hidden desires of a girl fancying to know other than her wedding bedroom. I saw through the eyes of a woman who glimpses the world the through the black tissue of her veil. Her wishes were as big as a large rose on her head. I saw shivers of a young boy brushing his skin against the water. His goose bumps as small roses. The heartbeat of a soldier turned into roses in the bottom-holes of his shirts.. I decided to get lost in this city of roses where we don't have to make sense of everything. Where the eyes see, but memory and soul transformed all what is around me.

Jamal Penjweny

Bahrain Manama