It was Thursday afternoon in August 2007 when we arrived to Falluja one of the Iraqi city. That day was quite long for us. Finally we arrived to that prison which most Islamic terrorist member group were imprisoned. It was exciting and at the same time frightening. I went in to the hall which prisoners were gathering and I had a chance to speak to the them. I asked one of them why would he suicide or killing himself and many other innocent people? He answered "that God has sent them to help applying justice and to vanish evilness among the people". I asked him what's justice? He answered "it's suiciding and killing people of course". I asked him about those people that die innocently? He replied" the innocents are going to heaven and the non innocents going to hell. I smiled and I asked him what's your interest by terror attack? He answered that when our soul is raised back to heaven God will give us 77 mermaid with wings to fly in paradise. During those years that I have been working as a photographer I was thinking that what if God gives the warriors those wings to escape the war zone so as to become angels of the wars.